Animals ride bikes
because bikes are so cool
It all started with the mouse, and then came the elephant, and I thought it all might be turning into a bit of obsession. I didn't know what to think of it, BUT! then came the horse, and I was hooked. 
Now, I'm proudly announcing that we have a giraffe, a racoon, an alligator, and an entire owl family accompanied by an hypo, all arriving for our Animals who Cycle festival which is scheduled for this spring. Put on your tight trouser pants, a helmet, hop on a bike and join us!

(we do provide all the participants with water, but due to the diversity of feeding habits, we have to ask you to bring your own snacks)
for some, being elegant is all that matters, and for some, it comes completely naturally
wouldn't it be great
... if it was spring... or summer ... to go shopping for groceries on a bike
mice are way too small to reach a wheel, so they befriend adventurous bikers who have comfy pockets