Jagoan Rempah
Jagoan Rempah (Spice Heroes) is Latrust Creative Studio's premiere motion graphics. This video won ‘The Best Pictures’ on The Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia: Visualisasi Jalur Rempah, a competition that wants to introduce Indonesian spices to the world.
Storyboard // Color Script
Character Design
Spice, which is depicted as a hero character, gives the impression that spices are very important and present in every aspect of the life of Indonesian society. Not only in cooking, but also daily activities such as traditional medicine, herbal beauty care, and traditional or religious ceremonies.
By Latrust Creative Studio
Client: Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia
Visualisasi Jalur Rempah
Best Pictures

Director: Enricco Delfian
Producer: Ryan Rizky
Scriptwriter: Ryan Rizky
Character Design : Wisnu Witantra // Enricco Delfian
Storyboard: Enricco Delfian
Animator: Enricco Delfian // Ryan Rizky
Sound Design: Ryan Rizky
Compositing / VFX Artist: Wisnu Wintantra // Ryan Rizky

Special thanks to
Kevin Macleod - Background Music 
Fesliyan Studios - SFX 
Soundible - SFX
Jagoan Rempah
Multiple Owners
Latrust Studio