A Corp member poses for a portrait just before the early morning parade at the NYSC orientation camp, Nsit Atai, Akwa Ibom, Oct 2021.
Platoon 10 members obeying orders during the parade. (in camp, Corp members are splited into various "platoons" which ranges from platoon 1 -10) 
Corp Members stands firmly, whilst in their jungle boots. (The jungle boot is the official footwear provided freely for every corpers in camp) 
The general kitchen is where meal is served for everyone provided they tender their  "meal ticket" before entry. 
The hotels served as dinning hall, a proper dining hall was not provided. 
Corpers washing their plates after eating is of much necessity as this makes them access next meal easily by being on the queue earlier.
Ladies participated in Volleyball tournament. 
A portrait of some of the female Corpers that participated in the tournament. 
Corp members watches an on-going football match. This was a tournament that involved every platoon, thus, everyone was involved either as a player or a supporter. 
Platoon 9 celebrates, as they won the trophy and emerged as the best soccer team in camp. They had lost terribly during the inter "platoon parade" competition which made this particular win, a more reason for them to celebrate.
Corp members in "adire" class, during the SAED lecture. "Adire" which is widely known as tye and dye is a locally made clothes worn mostly by the Yorubas. (SAED is a skill acquisition scheme for corpers)  
Some also picked interest in repairs of electrical equipments.
A portrait of Mr Samuel, platoon 10 co-ordinator. Every platoon has a military person who tutored them in marching. 
A military Man shares an intimate moment with a baby. 
A Corp member learning the act of extinguishing fire in case of an outbreak. Fire fighters where on ground to teach and guide too. 
At the close of the parade competition, soldiers proceeded to also march and show how it's been done. 
Corp members marches during the inter-platoon parade competition.

Night Activities in camp involved various social activities such as rap freestyles, drama play, Christmas Carol and so on. Whilst this activities were what corpers indulged in mostly, there are also others such as visiting the "mami market" to get groceries for the night. This next pictures showcases night life in camp. 
Ene Ijato, an upcoming artiste, performs one of her songs during a social night.
Mami market in the night. Traders remain there until 10pm on most days. 
An upcoming act, freestyles.
A petty trader that sells drinks in Mami market poses for a portrait. 
POS business boomed in camp as there were no banks nor ATM machines inside the Camp.
Corpers performing Christmas songs during the carol. 

This was a day set aside to showcase various ethnic groups (that exists within Nigeria) and their culture. The aim was mainly to foster unity amongst all in camp and to show that no culture is superior to another. The next images highlights the happenings that occurred that day. 

Many corpers feel ill while in camp, due to stress and change in environment. A clinic was however provided to meet the need of such Corp members and also the "Red Cross" team were available in cases of emergency.
A female corper is being rushed into the clinic as a result of her collapsing during the parade.
A sick corp member awaits her turn to see the doctor. 

The images below would resonate with anyone who has ever been to a NYSC orientation Camp. 
Corp members undergoing punishment. 
The need to always hydrate oneself is highly important while on parade ground where corpers can get to stand for 3 hours straight under the sun, hence a good water bottle is needed.
The need to Immortalize ourselves as humans and never  to be forgotten anywhere we go is what many humans hope to achieve in life, and interestingly, even in Camp, many corpers tend to design their names on objects, walls etc for the next batch of corpers to know that they were once there. 

In Nigeria, there is a program called the "National Youth Service Corps ( NYSC)" which is compulsory for every graduates and which lasts for a year. It starts with a 3 weeks orientation course ( in a Camp) for everyone mobilized for the service that year. 
I, alongside many other graduates from various universities in Nigeria were posted to the orientation camp in Nsit Atai local government, Akwa Ibom. And I took along with me my camera, to document my stay whilst in camp. 
The orientation course content involves physical training, drills, lectures on the people and tradition of the host State, professional lectures for Corps health personnel’s, lawyers, teachers and Skill acquisition training e.t.c. Corps members participate in social activities designed to create opportunities for them to interact, they also participate in sports activities and recieved thorough training by the Man 'O War. 
This photo project seeks to showcase the daily happenings and activities that occured within the 3 weeks of camping with fellow humans with diverse culture, coming together from various part of the country. 
Life in Camp.
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Life in Camp.