About Revolve AI

Revolve AI builds innovative Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions for businesses, brands and research institutes with its ever-growing team of Ph.D. Researchers, Machine Learning Experts and Computer Scientists. Revolve AI believes in continuous learning and staying up to date with cutting-edge technologies to provide the best solutions possible for all your requirements.

UX Strategy/Discovery

In order to find out the right customers and target those customers in the right way few discovery session where conducted in which users , brand attributes and goals were finalized to prioritize and to enable Revolve reach its true purpose.

Brand Values

After strategy session in which brand values and users personas where discovered. These where then used as a guiding principal to create styles for Revolve Brand and it's identity. Where each style with its own story and rational based on values and the company's current domain. 

Mood Boards

In order to create these styles the reference imagery was extracted from Pinterest Behance and Google for mood boards. These mood boards where created with the values and the users in context.

These are the style presented to client based on their needs and requirements.

(Selected Version)
Values : Precision |  Reliable | Ardent

 The idea of this style is based around the concept gears being the essential part of mechanical machines. where one gear turns the next and so on and so forth. These gears work by transferring the force. This is  similar way to how neural networks work they also transfer the data from one node to other node. Transferring and modeling data in process. RAI aims to provide the same kind of reliability of its techniques and networks as a gear does in a machine. The color and font complements the data and its worth that these networks produce. 

Brand Guidelines

In order to create a cohesive and effective identity. Brand guidelines are established .This also provides the consistency required to run the brand effectively

Behind The Scenes
Here are the versions that were Rejected

Values : Experts| Committed | Perfection
Rational: the concept of gradient decent and the hyperplane in relation the effective approach that Revolve uses in its projects.

Style Values : Adroit | Zealous | Clarity
Rational: The Concept of Sigmoid function in Artificial intelligence reused as a logo. 

Revolve AI

Revolve AI

RevolveAI approached me to help them establish the identity and brand strategy for the company. RevolveAI builds innovative Machine Learning and Read More