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HULU | The Great | Launch Campaign
The Great Launch Campaign
HULU  |   Launch Campaign |  Video & Animation & Design  |  2016

In 2020, I had the immense pleasure of leading the design work we did at Tommy promoting the launch of Hulu's critically acclaimed series "The Great." The show was an incredibly quirky period piece which relied on an amazing cast to delivery smart jokes and timely social commentary. To highlight this, our team created funny video pieces; sassy giphy stickers; and a plethora of off-the-beat social graphics to welcome audiences into the show's zany world. 

Design & Animation: Nivetha Kannan
Art Direction: Ty Anselmo Leyva & Bran Moats
Below are a set of stickers I designed using green screen footage of the cast. Our amazing creative lead decided which sayings and scenes we should focus on and I designed and animated them on Photoshop and AfterEffects
Here is a set of Birthday wishes for the cast of 'The Great' which were posted on the show's social channels.
The video below displays two Pinterest ads I concepted and made in After effects. The ad is intended to, at first, look like it is part of the normal Pinterest UI but it is disrupted in the middle till the disguised ad itself is destroyed and replaced with something that looks more like a traditional ad.
Our team was given a number of green screen and casual footage of cast members asking viewers to 'swipe up.' I cleaned up this footage to create engaging Instagram stories for the show.
The below video is a compilation of narrative cuts I edited together to go on "The Great"'s social channels. The trick was to convey as much as possible within 15 seconds which is the time limit on Instagram stories. Each of these stories also has a 1x1 version for in-feed posts.
The following videos were a group of Instagram stories our team at Tommy concepted which juxtaposes what is 'expected' in certain situations in the show with what actually happens. This was a challenging group of videos to design and edit since they needed to fit within the 15 second IG Story limit.
HULU | The Great | Launch Campaign


HULU | The Great | Launch Campaign