Impact Ironworks
Branding & Promotional Brochure
Impact Ironworks, a steel fabrication and erection company, was looking for a way to promote their work to their clientele and attract new business. I started by creating a signature that represents the kinds of materials they use through the use of texture as opposed to imagery. This will help differentiate them from the ‘status quo’ signatures in the industry. The company only takes on jobs local to BC, which is why I chose to use mountains as the company symbol. In the steel industry client meetings are a weekly occasion and new contacts are established by face to face interaction. Creating a brochure that showcases what the company is about, their work, and location is the perfect promotional item in which they can use to gain new clients and impress existing ones. In middle of the brochure is a double fold-out spread that contains the ‘BC Showcase.’ It is a timeline of Impact Ironworks 20 most prize-winning projects. Each project has a number, location, contractor and brief description of what the job entailed. The number can be matched up to the specific location on a map of BC that is found at the end of the timeline.