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Sedenius Technology

About Company

Sedenius Technologies® Pvt. Ltd. is an Islamabad based subsidiary of Sedenius Engineering GmbH. It's focus is research and development in highly automated driving. it's products range from ADTF toolboxes to advance driving assistance systems and driving simulators. They offer services in software development, particularly for AI and embedded systems. Their clients include top car manufacturing firms.

In order design or create any form of identity for  Sedenius Technologies team sat down to extract user info, brand attributes, brand narrative and goals. These were then translated into a complete solution for Sedenius Technologies as a brand.

Process Overview​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

User Experience Strategy

A series of discovery sessions where held in which Sedeinus Technologies' brand attributes and its users where extracted. In order to design from users perspective user stories along with persona and journey mapping helped the team to get better under standing of the company's vision. During the discovery sessions a competitive audit was also conducted to find out Sedenius Technologies' position among it's Competitors

Brand Values 

During these session goals where also formulated and prioritized which then where further driven to create a cohesive brand identity. These goals included new logo , typography, campaigns, events and other material to attract or to facilitate the users. 

Pre-Viz / "Styling"

Mood boards

To conceptualize a style for Sedenius Technologies mood boards based on the users and the values where produced. Words from the values where also taken in account to find reference photos for styles to meet Sedenius technologies goals.

Selected Style

Design Values (Key values focus) : Reliable, Flexible, Continuous Leadership
Design Rationale: The idea behind the circular design is based on company values of continuous change and improvement in the processes (i.e. Agile Methodologies) and the phrase rolling stone gathers no moss. Circular objects tend to move more faster than rigid pointed objects. The use of glow is synonymous to the company's agenda to be a innovator and a leader in its design and technologies. Things that glow in the dark tend to lead objects.

In order to dive deeper into branding for Sedenius technologies the above style was refined to create following artifacts
- Logo Design
- Color 
- Typography
- Illustrations
- Motion​​​​​​​

Logo Design

Exclusion Zone


Color Conditions






In order to have a cohesive brand identity 2 illustration styles were derived, each with three elements the Dominant element, The sub dominant element and the tertiary element (Subordinate element)  

Style 1

Applications for Illustration Style 1

Style 2

Applications for Illustration Style 2

Motion Design

Logo Reveals.

2 Logo intros were design to keep Sedenius Technologies' both segments (Talent and Vehicle/Car Vendors ) in consideration while keeping the brand identity compact and together. Following is the break down for those intros.
1. Animatics
2. Color Key 
3. Final Compositions


Design Rationale: We are at the dawn of AI revolution. Data is abundant but it needs structure. Same can be said about people trying to collaborate with like minded people.
In short Sedenius Technologies connects not only data but people with data.



Design Rationale:  Sedenius Technologies is based on the concept of many people coming together to work on a vital problems via new technologies. Collectively solving the problem generating innovative ideas. This is synonymous to the circles growing together where each sphere is the person or circle of the person growing and working together. This is what Sedenius Technologies stands for.


A set of videos were created to attract the autonomous mobility providers on the vision of Sedenius Technologies and its products.
- Autonomous Fleets/ Logistics
- Autonomous Drones/Swarms
- Autonomous Shuttle (Only Mood boards where created)

Moodboards for Autonomous Fleets/ Logistics

Mood boards for Autonomous Drones/Swarms

Behind the scenes for Autonomous Shuttles

Interior Design Explorations

Social Media Design

Creation of Sedenius Social media design for better retention of customers segments mention before.

Sedenius Technologies Guidelines

Creation of Fixed brand guidelines all of the above elements to gain better cohesion through out the designs.

Behind the Scene: Other Styles 

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Sedenius Technology