Branding & Packaging
Mana Foods, an organic health food store in Pa’ia, Maui needed to create a private label brand for their store. The brand would be used to sell food, health, beauty and home products. The brand had to resonate well with the local customers but be exotic enough to entice travelers to buy. I created a signature that could be manipulated and made into a unique design for every product line that Makai offers. The word ‘Makai’ is a Hawaiian word and in English means ‘by the (royal) sea.’ After much testing, the word Makai worked the best because it was respectful to the local population, easy enough to pronounce for travelers yet had the exotic sound that they were looking for. The framed illustrated image of the signature references vintage poster design and the frame references vintage cigar design, both from the 1920’s and 1930’s. The Hawaiian lady holding the orchids symbolizes health, beauty and prosperity. It was important to merge the vintage references with the colourful and already established Mana Foods signature. I made the symbol of the signature very distinct so that no matter the size or placement on a product it could be easily recognizable. Doing this made it possible to have the freedom to manipulate the logotype to work for any design that Makai makes.