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Watercolor prints for kidswear

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Project: Watercolor print & pattern design for kidswear
Client: Bomboncito Kids
 T H E    P R O J E C T

This project focuses on the design of six prints for the collection "Salto a la Jungla" of the children's clothing spanish brand Bomboncito Kids

One of the requirements of this project was to create versatile designs that could be used to make clothes for boys, girls and mothers, without distinction of sex and age, without stereotypes or labels. 

For this spring summer 2020 collection, 6 different patterns inspired by different paradises in the world were created: Cactus Meadow, Desert Plants, Garnished Bouquet, Monkey Garden, Paradise Birds and Wild Rose.
T H E   P R I N T S  A N D   I L L U S T R A T I O N S

The prints and illustrations are the key piece of the project. 

They are hand painted with watercolor and then computer edited. The prints are the spirit and DNA of the brand, which transmits a hight quality product, manufactured with attention to detail, delicate and focused on quality. 

They are designs aimed at a demanding public that seeks quality and detail in the illustrations, with which children should feel identified.
T H E   D E S I G N

All the products in the Bomboncito Kids collection are printed on hydroguge fabric, a water-repellent fabric that totally repels liquids, so that neither parents nor children have to worry about stains. 

 The result is a resistant fabric, waterproof but with a pleasant touch, and that is manufactured following an ethical, sustainable and quality production process.
T H E   V A L U E

All of the print and pattern designs are conceived to be as versatile as possible. A requirement of the commission was not to associate boys or girls with colors or patterns. 

 The value of the brand is to help children grow without labels and with free minds. That is why most of the garments that make up the Bomboncito Kids collections can be used by boys or girls indistinctly.

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Watercolor prints for kidswear


Watercolor prints for kidswear