Winter 2012 Enterprises
In January of 2012, I decided that it was time for me to create an online portfolio for my graphic design work. And so, Enterprises was born. At this stage I did not have any sort of self-branding and this was a step in the right direction at the time. The idea behind the colors and logo was a rustic steampunk-esque theme. The website itself was built on a simplified Wordpress theme. There were tons of things that weren't user-friendly by a long shot, but I was proud of my work at the time. It was a start.
Spring 2012
Although only a few months had passed since I created an online portfolio for myself, I felt that it was time to redesign it and turn it into something better. I grew tired of the color scheme; it wasn't lively and I felt that it didn't do justice for my work. This time around, I decided to go with a color scheme closer to a personal branding idea I had in the back of my mind. Aside from aesthetics, I also fully customized a basic Wordpress that I felt met my functional needs at presenting my artwork more consistently. It was a learning experience in the CMS as well as in user experience design.
Fall 2012
As I began to finally start branding myself, I felt it was time to readdress my online presence in terms of brand consistency and functionality. In addition to those goals, the key focus for this redesign was user experience. Unlike my previous two attempts, this time I wanted visitors to my website (potential employers) to have access to my work immediately. I also ditched the Wordpress themes and coded this from scratch in Notepad. The idea was to create a lightweight user friendly portfolio that showcased both my graphic design work and my web development abilities at the time.
Winter 2012
At this point, I had a firm grasp on my personal branding and my portfolio website was due for some updating. This version takes builds upon features from the previous version, but this time I wanted to create a one-page portfolio website. However, this website would not have been realized at the time if it weren't for the required web introduction class I needed to take towards finishing my degree. This was my final project for the class. I completed it in three days.
Summer 2013
Vlatko Mojsoski
After spending the first six month of 2013 focusing on my senior thesis project, I finally had time to focus on myself during the summer. However, during that time I learned about responsive design and learned how to use Foundation 4. With that in mind, I applied the same concepts from my thesis project to my online portfolio. Unlike previous versions, this is the first responsive adaptation of my portfolio. I also opted to show a select number of featured works that showcase my range of abilities instead of bombarding my portfolio with every projects I have completed. I think it works fairly well, and so do the people over at Webdesign Inspiration.