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Starbucks Redesign UX Research
Starbucks Redesign UX Research
The Client: Starbucks Partnership with ASU Online
Stakeholders: Starbucks Representative & EdPlus UX Designer
Research Team: Amanda Gulley (UX & Design Manager) & Ashley Fuller (UX Researcher)

How do you increased traffic to a site by 78%?? 

A newly redesigned website and some research to back it up! 
After the newly launched site, we researched into how the redesign affected users and performance. We did some analysis right after launch for seek out any usability issues, then completed 30 day UX analysis report and presented to stakeholders. I was involved in the behavioral and qualitative analysis part of the project and the UX & Design Manager created the slides and presented.
The Research Questions
How is the newly redesigned site performing? Are there any usability issues? What are the behaviors of the users?
The Process
I like to start my research with watching user recordings. It is fun to see if I am able to pick up on the same trends with users when I go into the quantitative data and then if they aren't, I get to look into it deeper! Yep, I'm a nerd and love seeking out those patterns and getting to find abnormalities that might help explain reasons for things. I then analyze and bring together the heat maps and data to see how all of it is working together and what kind of insights can be told. I also enjoy watching for usability bugs... it's almost like winning a prize... "I FOUND SOMETHING!" I enjoy being able to find them quick to help improve/ fix it so more users don't have to experience it.  

Outcomes & Impacts
We were able to give the stakeholders a good idea of top engaged elements on the pages, as well as the least engaged ones. One insight was about the video they had on the page, it had only 2% engagement by users. 

One of the bigger usability issues found was that the 2nd (and so on) page(s) in the pagination wasn't anchoring back up to the top of the page, so users didn't see anything changing when they clicked on it. We also found some usability problems about how only the image on the degree cards was clickable rather than the whole card. Below are some other minor usability issues found in the beginning. 
On the mobile version (image on the left), I noticed that users were not engaging with the "view all start dates" option, which is part of the sticky search elements throughout the experience. By removing it, users will have a bigger viewport to see other degree information. 
The other images on the left are showing how some text was coming out of the bubbles and how the circles around the numbers could be bigger to enhance the design. 

The deck used for presentation can be found here.​​​​​​​
I love what I do! I love continuous improvement and this kind of research fulfills that for me. I really enjoy the challenge of making sure I am not coming in with personal biases and also being the first to find those improvements/ insights. Helping others improve their products because of the research, makes me happy. I didn't really run into any problems during this project, which I know may not always be the case. I am also very thankful to have a great manager that helped me along the way. 
Starbucks Redesign UX Research

Starbucks Redesign UX Research