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    University project with a colleague. Corporate Design, Website, Advetising Campaign for Literaturhaus Wien.
Literaturhaus Wien
Corporate Design, monthly Programm, Advertising Campaign, Website Concept
This was a team work project with a university colleague in 3rd semester.

The "Literaturhaus Wien" is an archive for austrian literatur, reaserch-institution and place for literarily events in Vienna. In short: a place for books and book-lovers to meet and exchange!

According to the great creativity techniques we learned from Christine Klell in a 4-week workshop, we created our slogan "Literatur öffnet Türen" ("literature opens doors") and a fitting concept.

Our logo is a so called "lenticular picture" showing either a house with an open door or an opening book. The font we chose is House Industrie's Neutra, dedicated to Viennese architect Richard Neutra.
business card front/backside
Monthly Programme

We also integrated the "door concept" in the monthly programme, including a bookmark.
every programme brings a bookmark with a quote on it
Advertising Campaign
According to our concept the image campaign to introduce the new Corporate Identity should also "open doors" in the viewer's mind. We used a teaser campaign with several words containig the sound "Tür", for example:

auftürmen, Konfitüre, stürmisch, türkisch, einstürzen, Lektüre

People will wonder what it's all about, who is doing this campaign and thinking of connections between those words.
After two weeks they get the solution including the slogan "Literatur öffnet Türen" and the brandnew Literaturhaus logo.

The same teaser concept is used to advertise monthly events.
Literary sticky tape