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Showreel: Visual Effects & 2d Animation
This video is a personal showreel which collects some of the work I did on visual effects, illustration and 2d animation for projects produced by the motion design company" Shot Shot Shot", located in Graz (Austria). 
As to the visual effects task, I was in charge of doing trackings using the software Mocha, besides of rotoscoping and image retouching in After Effects in order to embed new images.
Regarding 2d animation, I worked on motion graphics to animate 2d illustrations in After Effect but also I used Flash to set up facial expressions for 3d characters.
On the other hand, I collaborated with the art director of  "Shot Shot Shot" to design the visual concepts of the projects. In addition, in some of the works I went through tasks of graphic design and illustration.
Finally, I took part in the shootings as art director assistant.
Next I will explain in detail which was my work in every project.
Steirische Versicherungsagenten
Spot produced in 2d Animation to promote an Austrian insurance agency.
My work in this project was setting up the animatic in order to take in account the timing and the number of the shots. In addition, I was responsible for some animations (such as the car driving or expressing  how the girl gets scared). Another task that I took over was working with the art director to define the chromatic style.
To take a look at the video:
3d Diesel Kino 
3d Spot produced to promote the stereoscopic possibilities of “Diesel Kino”, an Austrian cinema. This video has been shown in movie theaters of Steiermark (Austria).
My work on this project was setting up Flash animations to create facial expressions for the characters and applying visual effects on the screen "3D Brille" (tracking & image retouching).
To take a look at the video:
TV Commercial produced to promote the "2STIC" services, an online company which offers the possibility of trading in stickers of your favourite football players through different devices (computer, tablet, smart phone...) among people from everywhere by Internet.
My work in this project was drawing the story board, working as assistant in the art department of the shooting but also I was responsible for the visual effects  (tracking, rotoscoping and image retouching).
Hartinger Consulting Reel
Reel to collect the most important pieces of work that "Hartinger Consulting", an advertising agency placed in Leibnitz (Austria) since 1983, has produced for thirty years.
My work in this project was as assistant in the art department of the shooting but I also worked as a visual effects artist in the post-production department doing tasks of tracking, rotoscoping and image retouching.
Kastner & Öhler
Spot produced to be shown on tv screens placed in shopping centers of Austria in order to promote the new "K&Ö" website,  one of the most famous brands of department store in Austria.
My work on this project consisted in animating the graphics.
"Rub it in"  by The Quiet Now
Videoclip produced by the austrian band “The Quiet Now” to promote their song “Rub it in”.
My work in this project was in the post-production department. I took over the visual effects through techniques of tracking, rotoscoping and image retouching.
To take a look at the videoclip :
Fahrschule Koiner
Spot produced in 2d animation to promote the services of an Austrian driving school.
My work in this project was selecting the color palette and designing illustrations for making the animatic.
Showreel: Visual Effects & 2d Animation

Showreel: Visual Effects & 2d Animation

Personal showreel that collects some of my work on visual effects & 2d animation done for projects produced by the motion design company Shot Sho Read More