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This is a visual effects breakdown I created for 'RACE', one of the two Mezzo commercials directed by Joseph Kosinski.

Mezzo received a VES NOMINATION:
Outstanding Compositing in a Broadcast Program, Commercial, or Music Video
Featured on American Cinematographer:
Full credits for Mezzo "Leap" and "Race":
Agency: Timmerman &Tan/Singapore
Creative Director: Michael Tan
Agency Producer: Serene Chiu
Production Company: Rokkit/ London
Director: Joseph Kosinski
DP: Claudio Miranda
EP: Dan Dickenson
Producer: Luke Jacobs
Visual Effects: SWAY Studio
EP: Shira Boardman
Creative Director: Mark Glaser
VFX Supervisor: Robert G. Nederhorst
VFX Producer: Matt Winkel
Compositing Supervisor: Marc Rienzo
FX Lead: Greg Tsalidas
CG Supervisor: Aaron Powell
Texture Lead: Rob Meyers
Compositors: Sean Devereaux, Jay Frankenberger, Feliciano di Giorgio, Maciek Sokalski, Lou Pecora
Paint & Roto: Nicole Yoblonski, Toshihiro Sakamaki, Lee Croft, Lucinda Chee
Tracking: Danny Zobrist, Jay Frankenberger
Architectural Designers: Kevin Cimini, Oliver Zeller
Terragen Development: Matt Fairclough
VFX Coordinator: Hannah Yates
Storyboard Artist: Nathan Boldman
Production Coordinator: Joyce Pan
Production Assistant: Daughn Ward
Sound Design: Machinehead
Sound Designer: ***ody & Chris Mann
Music Supervisor: Jason Bentley
Audio Post: Machinehead
Composers: Chris Mann, Elvin Estela