«Electric communication will never be a substitute for the face of someone who with their soul encourages another person to be brave and true.»
— Charles Dickens
The Poster Collective
To promote "The Poster Collective" I designed the Marshall McLuhan quote "The medium is the message", to explain that the merely act of making a poster is the message of the collective. I used my unique style "Oblio" based on electrical circuits, as a metaphor or the digital essence of FirstFloorUnder.com.
"The poster collective". Poster, 100x140 cm.
The victory of balilla
To promote the first table soccer tournament of TBWA\ I designed "The victory of balilla". The table soccer was born in Italy in fascist time. Mussolini forced fascist education from childhood, and the "Balillas" were the kids intended to become soldiers.
Since the italians troops had the reputation of fight disorderly in military actions, Mussolini used to tie in line (attack, midfield, defense) the young soccer players as training, to not be messy. The table soccer game was inspired by this composition of tied people. So I showed a winning balilla in honor of the almost unknown roots of the game, which is also still alive after the defeat of fascism.
"The victory of balilla". Poster, 100x140 cm.
The four seasonsTo promote the "pizza" topic, choosed in honor of the italian soul of FirstFloorUnder.com, I design a four season pizza, as a metaphor of our world, which is always online. In particular, every quarter represent a season. I typed the word "Oblio" inside the pizza, to mean the inertia of life, marked by the years.
"The four seasons". Poster, 100x140 cm.
The posters serie won as best Communication Design at TDC 57, the 2010 edition of Type Directors Club of New York and was publishes on Typography 32 annual of the club.
PublicationsThe work was selected and published on Page 05 2011. It also appeared on Page-online.de homepage in the same period.
Here is a part from the anticipation article:

[...] likewise, the campaign developed by Art Director Mattia Montanari for the "FirstFloorUnder.com" moves itself towards several directions. The Milan studio, in the basement of the agency TBWA\, that it's not only an exhibition area or an event-location, but it publishes a homonym internet-magazine too. A Pop Vanguard Culture Magazine, as they themselves call it. For both of these spaces Montanari designed a series of poster, which thematizes "The Medium is the Message", and he plays between artistic production composed by machines and creativity; or he announces a table soccer tournament, that it reminds, at the same time, that this game was very popular at the time of Mussolini. [...]

Sabine Danek 03/30/2011
Client: First Floor Under
Product: The Poster Collective
Agency: TBWA\
Executive Creative Directors: Nicola Lampugnani, Francesco Guerrera
Senior Art Director: Mattia Montanari


Awarded at TDC 57, the 2010 edition of Type Directors Club of New York competition, this three posters were primarily designed for "The Poster Co Read More


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