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    Infographics, illustrations and typography to be used in a series of TV episodes about Science.
The Science Office combines science with communication and brings the scientific message to different publics, through original channels and contemporary languages. Messages will reach not only the usual public for these kinds of products (scientists, students, teachers, people with a general interest in science), but also the so-called “general audience” , a more unusual target for this area.
Science Office (http://www.scienceoffice.org) hired me to do a series of infographics to be used in a series of TV episodes about Science. This is a huge project with many subjects and it was a lot of work but also tons of fun! Now that I saw the final product, the episodes with the infographics and the children in motion graphics I'm  amazed and I feel immensely proud of being given the chance to work with such a talented team. 
I am specially grateful to Rui Brazs unbelievable genius and skills to animate my characters and to Mariana Barrosa for being such a great leader helping us to give our best to this project.
Mostly, I'm very grateful to  their personalities because this wouldn't have become such a wholehearted experience and beautiful project if we didn't match so well as a team :)