"Lunar Vacation"
A Halloween concept illustration inspired by the amazing work of Daniel Arsham
In celebration of Halloween and this year’s blue moon, we’ve conceptualized a “Lunar Vacation” depicting a visit to the moon while on route to Mars. In the age of space tourism, scenic landmarks have been built on the moon for visitors to enjoy the grand view of space. Two statues have emerged made entirely from lunar material and meticulously eroded, exposing earth’s precious minerals — no matter how far we travel, at the core we are Earth beings. Two astronauts and a puppy astronaut sit atop these giant statues, gazing at the moons horizon as they wait for the next shuttle to Mars.
Above is an illustrated sculpture of Devon, founder and creative director of DÆV VAULT. Devon is styled in a signature corseted pant and depicted with an eroded waist to emphasize the tight cinch of the corset. 
Above is an illustrated sculpture of Davin, founder and design director or DÆV VAULT. Styled in our signature corseted sweater, Davin is depicted with an exposed, crystal heart atop a pedestal.
Lunar Vacation