January, 2011 -  JRW has kicked off this personal exploration.  The idea was to use a hi-powered wind source to misshape and contort the face, as we captured various moments on camera, leaving what is usually completely in our control to chance. 

Day one, we shot 11 subjects.  The sessions were brief (15 minutes each) since the experience was relatively uncomfortable.  The images were edited on the spot and posted to the
website and on Facebook.   The comments came in by the droves and we immediately started locking new participants into the schedule for days 2 and 3. 

Days two and three, we shot 14 more subjects. The challenge here became reinterpreting the same idea and composition to deliver a unique quality or characteristic with each subject. We worked new angles of the face and blower.  With critical editing and comparison we were able to turn out 15 great portraits.  

The hero image was retouched by Patrick White and is going out with our next major print promotion.