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How To Look Better As A Men In 5 Tips
How To Look Better As A Men In 5 Tips

Here's something you might not have known ñ large companies are under the impression men are not into their appearance.

That ís why when you make the decision to start improve your looks as a guy, itís so difficult to find anything thatís working in this day and age. Fear not though, we have some good tips here.

Like it or lump it, you have to start looking after yourself. 

Tip 1: Hair
You need to rethink all those cheap $5 haircuts and start going to a more upmarket barber that takes you seriously. We all have different bumps on our head shapes, different face and head shapes that requires a pro to tell us what could look good and what's a questionable idea.

Finding a decent barber that is looking out for you can be tricky, but with social media it has become way easier than before. Search for all the barbershops in your area and look up their social media websites and/or accounts.

Look at what they're doing to their client's hair. Are they making an effort to look modern 

Take a look at reviews, make a point of going to other shops if the first just isn't suitable ñ itís methodical, but hair can be very important for how you look, and itís worth locating the best barber to guide you through the process.

Tip 2: Skin

Having clear, healthy skin is easily one of the best ways to showcase your youth and vitality to everyone, which in turn makes you look much better than guys who don't care about their skin.

What I recommend: Start simple, assuming you don't have any isssues that require a dermatologist visit.
Begin with a cleanser for your face with some moisturizer, simple.
Something to clean dirt and impurities and wash your face with, and something to moisturize and return the plump and moisture to your skin after you wash it.

Tip 3: Hygiene

This is a broad category, so Iíll just list some hygiene related things you should be thinking about:
    Keep your toe and finger nails nicely trimmed and clean
    Get your eyebrows trimmed or threaded
    At the very least, trim between your unibrow!
    Line up and properly trim your beard if you have one..Use beard oil for moisturizing and preventing flakiness
    Try to wet-shave if you usually clean shave. Youíll get a much closer shave that looks far better than any electric shave.
    Look into white strips or activated charcoal to whiten your teeth
    Go to your dentist to give your teeth a much more thorough clean than any brush.
     Cultivate a trademark scent with some suitable cologne
    In a similar way, go get a body wash that smells great.
    Trim the hair on your body so it dooesn't get out of control

Tip 4: Body

Before we move onto fashion and clothes, let's first get honest about the body.
Everyone knows that keeping your body fit with an active lifestyle makes you look more attractive and healthy. Without being too preachy, if you have a few extra pounds or laze around a little too much, try some calisthenics or basic strength training and/or cardio to your day will help make you
    Look much better, with and without clothes.
    Feel much better, both physically and mentally.
    Cut out junk food, chocolate, snacks, chips and sodas as much as possible out of your diet.
The pain of getting rid of those calories is more than the pleasure of putting them on.

Tip 5: Style

Now we get to my favorite tip. Everyone loves expressing themselves to the world with style. Thatís what most of our modern man website is about, so I wonít go in-depth about it here.
Have a look over the site and feel encouraged to discover a style of clothing that suits you to gain the confidence to express yourself!
How To Look Better As A Men In 5 Tips

How To Look Better As A Men In 5 Tips


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