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    Amazing people, great drinks, and a buzz from doing good - what more could you ask for?
Event: Make Good Ideas Happen
The ideas that most need to happen arethose that push forward the social causes and issues of our day.  Soalldaybuffet teamed up with Behance for an Internet Week NY event that introduced the nonprofit world to creative productivity.  Forone hot night, the roof of the Delancey became a launching pad forsocial creative action, with over 300 creative and idealisticprofessionals showing up to help Make Good Ideas Happen.

Three nonprofits - StartingBloc, City Year, and Sustainable South Bronx--presentedthemselves and their initiatives, inviting thecreative community to provide ideas, action steps and contacts torealize their goals. Armed with life-sized Behance boards--ideas,contacts, action steps and stickers flew and discussions carried overthe rooftop. In addition to generating strategies andawareness, a rare level of communication between nonprofits and thecreative community proved a great productivity driver.

Mission statements came to life as City Year corps membersexplained what they do day-to-day and StartingBloc executives showedoff the breadth of a network that includes heavy-hitters such as theLondon Business Schoolto Goldman Sachs. Meanwhile, creatives filled gaps in knowledge and puta face to everything from information architecture to brandplanning.

One of the best ways to ensure next steps is to connect and learnabout the people you'd like to be working with face-to-face.  We'rehappy that Behance could help provide the first step in Making GoodIdeas Happen. Of course, there's a lot of perspiration ahead if the bigvisions of these nonprofits are to be executed, but we look forward toseeing what the creative world can do to help. After all, the future depends on it...

The event was covered by Flavorpill, LVHRD, Idealist, Behance Magazine. Non-Profit Marketing Blog, and Core77