Madagascar Wildlife Photography
By Will & Matt Burrard-Lucas
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We spent a month travelling aroundMadagascar in order to photograph the Island’s unique and varied wildlife. Much ofMadagascar’s wildlife is highly endangered and hard to find. We photographed a variety of lemurs, geckos, chameleons, birds and other animals, both diurnaland nocturnal. For more images from our trip, please visit
A Leaf-tailed Gecko.
A Chameleon in the rainforest.
A Kingfisher in front of reeds.
A Sifaka Lemur in the Spiny Forest.
A Brookesia Chameleon, the smallest chameleon in the world.
A nocturnal Sportive Lemur in the spiny forest.
A "dancing" Sifaka crossing open ground.
A colourful Day Gecko.
Mouse Lemur, the world's smallest primate.
A Big-eyed Snake crossing the road.
For more images from our trip to Madagascar, please visit: