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    .dot com is a series of 16 artist books I designed and produced for my Senior BFA Thesis project. Created in one semester, the series explores so… Read More
    .dot com is a series of 16 artist books I designed and produced for my Senior BFA Thesis project. Created in one semester, the series explores social issues surrounding contemporary web culture. Read Less
who | hardcover, french folded, perfect bound | 7” x 5” x 3”

Communicating incognito on the world wide web is impossible in this modern age. Big brother is always watching and tracking through IP addresses. The Internet is always location aware as well. The book Who was created after ruminating on thoughts of identity and anonymity in the virtual world. The numbers that appear in my book are all existing IP addresses. Through layering and repitition of letterform, my spreads are a conversation of visual elements. 
to/from | beech wood covers, accordian bound  
6” x 6” x 1.5” each

to/from is a collection of messages sent to my best friend over the past year via myspace and okcupid.com, a free online dating site. With these books, I aimed at capturing the essense of how communication between the sexes is so varied and humorous. My friend thinks its odd how many strange people have written her messages via these sites, however, I think of it more as a fleeting attempt at attention and self-acceptance. It was amusing to see the various flirtaceous attempts at “woo-ing” that the various males and females took advantage of. All in all, to/from is a satirical look at communication and the online dating scene.
spam (3598) | hardcover, screwpost bound | 16” x 6” x 1” each

To me, spam is a fascinating everyday annoyance. It is really humorous encountering the new ways spammers come up with spelling and phrasing certain questionable content to bypass spam blockers. In the process of compiling information for this book, it was really quite interesting to see how spam varied from inbox to inbox based on sex and age. When thinking of how to conceptually represent spam for the covers of my books. I came across this shag carpeted pillow at a thrift store, and I knew right away what I was going to use it for. The fakeness of the smiling sunshine and rainbow was exactly what I needed to portray the idealism and false advertising that spam represents in a nutshell.
pervert | hardcover, screwpost bound | 16” x 6” x 1”

pervert was my typographic exploration of secret sexual perversions that were admitted to on the Internet. Using UV Ultra cover weight paper and both traditional and digital printmaking processes, layers of secrets were exposed through the translucency of the paper I chose to use and the intricate negative space i cut away selectively. With this project I wanted to communicate the urgency and depth contained within these admissions, as well as the beautiful typographic potential they possess.
myspace.com | softcover, bound with telephone wire | 11” x 5” x 1” each

Social networking sites have grown immensely in popularity in recent years. Along with growing popularity, controversy has arose as well. Concerns of privacy and the amount of personal information an individual choses to disclose are also an issue. There have been numerous incidents of violence and sexual abuse from social networking sites as well. myspace.com is a compilation of opinions and anecdotes about myspace and its recent rise in popularity.
i am | hardcover, perfect bound | 17” x 5” x .5”

After browsing countless profiles on facebook and myspace, I found it funny how people choose to protray themselves to others on the Internet. i amis a compilation of self-descriptions from the profile pages of people I came across online. I decided to combine image and text for this book. A bitmapped version of the photo that was posted on their profile page is strategically placed in certain words and glyphs to give a more detailed vision to the reader of who the person actually was that wrote the text. The phrase “i am me” is repeated in a pattern throughout the book. It serves as a reminder of the prevalence of identity on the World Wide Web, and how in reality humans aren’t really that different. What sets us all apart, however, is how we portray ourselves to others, and how people in turn perceive our existence.
:) + :( | sewn signatures, hardcover bound with exposed spines 

The reduction of emotions to punctuation almost seems silly, but then again I seem too make smiley faces out of a colon and a parenthesis all the time when chatting online without a second thought. In this digital age, human contact and emotions are reduced to emails and emoticons. With :) + :(, I chose to create compositions throughout the spreads by using emoticons and punctuation. Each book also contains the emotions contained within the emoticons spelled out in single words on blank pages.
I'd Do You Right Now | hardcover perfect bound | 8” x 4” x 2” each

Sexuality in the 21st century is quite different than what it was a decade ago. The Internet has made possible for communication of sexual narrative in a totally detached way. Chat rooms and instant messaging have made possible for people to communicate and enjoy themselves electronically instead of physically. I'd Do You Right Now contains a digital conversation between two individuals seperated by distance.
confess | stenciled cotton fabric hardcover, screw post bound | 9” x 9” x 1”

The website “grouphug.us” is a place where registered users can confess and let troubling things go, all while remaining nameless. While a majority of confessions and statements listed on this site are silly and pointless, some of them are very disturbing and twisted. I spent a number of hours on this site collecting confessions and statements to compile this book. Although painful and unsettling, Confess is an accumulation of troubling statements all found within the realm of the World Wide Web.
omg wtf? | hardcover, perfect bound | 4” x 4” x 1.5” each

The digitalization of language has become more prevalent in this day and age due to text messaging and instant messaging. It becomes necessary to abbreviate and shorten words to send and receive messages at lightening speed. omg wtf? is a typographic exploration of acronyms and pattern. By repitition of abbreviations, I created a full page pattern of type from which i dissected positive and negative space from to reveal the paper color and printing from the page beneath.
shown above is documentation of the book i designed, printed and bound containing documentation of all my senior thesis work. the book contains images i shot of all 16 artists books i completed in one semester along with writing about each project. i also included pages that were taken from actual monoprints that i used to make the artist books. 17"5".75" hardcover bound with aluminum handle