Toy Design
SPELA ("play" in Swedish) is an interactive installation that celebrates SID LEE COLLECTIVEʼS collaborative approach to creativity. Combining music – a universal means of emotional and creative expression – with interactivity, SPELA brings people together to imagine, experiment, create and play.
SPELA is an interactive music table, which allows people to collaborate and create music through play. Guests are encouraged to experiment and compose music out of 120 loops by moving around toys on the table from one hotspot to another. When a toy is activated, it lights up and a unique music loop starts playing. We created 12 toys with personalities modelled after famous pop starts. For example, Hjendriks (Jimmy Hendrix) plays guitar riffs, while Könye Väst (Kanye West) adds a nice beat to the composition.
Since the table was so much fun to interacti with, we also built an online version that served as a replica of the real SPELA table.