A global campaign for the Adidas ZX 2K BOOST. 

Squishy, surreal comfort and sensation with every step. A full suite of animations, live action and CG stills celebrating the satisfying science of innovation and running technology.

Feel The Zcience with ZX 2K Boost

A full end to end campaign was developed, with integrated CG, live action, photography and motion design. 
The ZX 2K Boost feels too good to be explained

Lab experiments explore the feel of squishy materials, supple uppers and integrated Boost technology.
An icon taken to a comfy new dimension

A series of films stretch, deform and exaggerate the Adidas Boost shoes in lab-like ways, creating strangely satisfying visual experiments.
Foam, Jelly, Boost Balls, Play-Doh

Dozens of hi-tech materials were deconstructed, manipulated and re-worked to create a scientifically charged campaign.
Stills Photography, Cinema4D & Houdini

Mixed media played a part in creating surreal and playful images mixing realities, focal lengths and techniques together.
Further credits

Creative Director – Antar Walker
Made With – Builders Club

CG – Ivan Rhys, Niels Moolenaar, Matt Frodsham and Builders Club
Post Production – Okay Studios
Audio – Zelig
Adidas ZX 2K