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    Painting contribution for Haute Auture 2013
This is my contribution to the Haute Auture 2013 exhibition held at Greenbelt, Makati by the UP Cineastes' Studio. The theme was "modern monsters" so I came up with this. It's about the disdain towards compulsary heterosexuality. It's about how current Filipino society and culture in general subscribes to sexual binarism and automatically attaches gender to an infant despite its inability for any actual sexual activity nor does it yet even have a full understanding of its identity.
So this baby I drew has the mark of neutral sexuality or even asexuality on its forehead. And the idea is that this disbelief in sexual binarism is scorned and vandalized, hence the orange scribbles and therefore demonizing the notion.
The child is also tagged "L'Enfant de Janice" which translates to "The Child of Janice" which in Filipino translates to "Anak ni Janice" which is in reference to the movie of the same title. Anak ni Janice was about a Tyanak, which is a demon baby in Philippine folklore. This is to further the point as well as to pay tribute to a piece of Philippine film history and pop culture. And the use of the French language is simply a nod towards the title of the exhibit which is in French.
Prints of this painting is available over at Society6.