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    A set of transit ads for the new PUMA SF-77 Reissue.
Static Ad
The task was to create a transit ad for Puma and the client proposition was "Discover what's missing". Out of all their collections, the SF-77 Reissue appealed to us most. The collection itself already fits the proposition because it is a reissue from the 1970s. The uniqueness about this shoe is that it comes from the 70s. The target audience are youths aged 16-25, in shorter terms "hipsters", and we wanted them to discover what was the missing piece to complete their look. This transit ad is to be made out of real layers of posters stacked on top of one another, creating a thick stack of posters. Then, we tore the posters one by one to create the look that the hipsters now are desperately trying to find that missing piece from the past. At the last layer, we finally feature the product. Our transit ad is to be placed at town, whereby youths frequently visit. 
Interactive Ad
The second part to this brief was to create an interactive transit ad. In the 70s, the Hippie movement was prevalent so we wanted to cap on that aspect. The hippie van was very iconic back then and even till today. As our target audience is youths, we thought of one of the most common activities youths enjoy indulging in, which is taking photos. The people from the hippies loved to pose as well so we thought that idea ties in really well. 
Firstly, we wanted to place a camera right on top of the middle screen, whereby people walking past would be able to see themselves. Also, we included a translucent printed background of the 70s in the screen to intrigue people about whats going on in there. When they are attracted, they would go closer to the screen. When the camera detects a face in front of it, it would automatically change to the second frame, whereby the printed background becomes opaque and an accessory from the 70s would appear in each screen. The person would then be able to pose with the accesories. We also thought of giving youths the liberty of posting it to the SF-77's Instagram with a simple touch screen answer of yes/no.