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    Project for Dos XX to make custom labels.
This summer I had the honor of working with G2  to assist in creating some beer labels for Dos XX to highlight their Halloween Event.  The task was first to establish some ideas and themes then to move towards the best suited piece that represents what this event is all about.  Granted, it would of been bad ass to get a Hydro Owl on a bottle, but the end results are ideal and fitting.  Over all this was a dream project and enjoyed the creative journey I took with G2 out of NYC to come to final pieces.  Thank you for the opportunity guys!
The following are concept mocks.  These were used to guage ideas and use of elements.  I consider these 'wishful thinking mocks' but knew the mask concepts were the core goal for the final outcome.  I personally had a bit of fun developing these and seeing what the client thought.