Lighting for coworking spaces

Designed by
Antoine Gauthier - focused on prototyping
Maxime Bourgault - focused on rendering
Timothé Duchastel-Paré - focused on 3D modelling

Context : Coworking Space


The concept can be summed up in a support rod and a magnetic head. The length of the rod can vary according to the needs of the environment and the head can be connected to any rod.

Emett — 01
The table lamp boosts productivity with warm lighting suitable for office work. The rotating head and base provide a lightness of mind that easily adapts to user needs.
Emett — 02
The floor lamp harmoniously dresses a relaxed workspace. The versatility of the concept inspires creativity and directs the user towards the discovery of optimal personalized lighting.
Emett — 03
The pendant lights up spacious workspaces nurturing the imagination of a group. The lamp offers soothing freedom of movement and charms with its versatility.

Color exploration

Electrical System
The system is powered by a central external driver located in the electrical room of the office space which facilitates the management of the various lamps.

Base: 3D Printing
Body: Steel Tube
Head: 3D Printing

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