Kuwait Mini World Futsal Club Tournament 2013! KMWFCT
A Wonderful Opening Ceremony.....

Al Humoud - Inaugurated the KMWFCT on behalf of Al Jaber

The Opening Ceremony consisted of connected sections in a wonderful background, the parts of the Opening Ceremony started by demonstrating the folklore of each country to which participating teams are affiliated to. The Shows were fast and beautiful that they lasted for one hour and twenty minutes.

The Shows of the Opening Ceremony expressed the civilization and history of the countries from which participating teams come, also the heritage of Kuwait was strongly expressed.

Fifteen O⁷ Live Design supplied 7 Barco HDF-W26 projectors, 4 Catelyst Media Servers, 1 Whole Hog 4 Nano, Chamsys MQ60 and 8 x Fiber optic Single Mode 200 mtr. Incl. all technical staff to set-up and run the show.

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Kuwait Mini World Futsal Club Tournament 2013! KMWFCT