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    Ken Taylor Hellboy poster
That Ken was entrusted with the treatment of the Hellboy characters is testament to how well he can craft a striking composition.

Over the years Ken has designed visually stunning characters of his own devise in order to inject a more potent dose of personality into his posters, apparel and skateboard decks. The opportunity to cast licensed characters such as those from Guilermo Del Toro’s movie adaption of Mike Mignola’s Hellboy in a poster was therefore a dream brief for him. Not only are the characters legendary for their distinct rebellious personalities but they are also inherently stunning as individual character designs. Ken’s high contrast, broody but brightly coloured poster designs were a perfect fit for the brief.

The icing on the cake of this commission was laid on when the Mondo and the Alamo who commissioned the project told Ken that his design was to be realised as 8 colour hand pulled prints with metallic gold!

Unfortunately for you the posters themselves sold out in minutes, but so that you can appreciate the labyrinthian detail of Ken’s work and the great effect of the metallic gold print we have included some close up photographs of an actual print below.

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