The Early Birds - is a thriller oriented to yougsters (12-18), where kids play dangerous game using smartphone, leading to suicide. Series opening titles were specially produced by design team, using the key attributes of the product - smartphone and mysterious evil character, hiding behind this dangerous game. is based on the main symbol of series.
Early Birds. Main Titles / Social Promo / Logo Case
In the promo video teasers we used the capability of calligraphy and animation to show the duality of the teenagers's world - real feelings and an external beautiful shell. This part of the project was made in a collaboration with amazing Ukrainian calligraphists Vika and Vita Lopukhiny. 
We developed a special social campaign with La Strada, opening a hotline for youngsters that could share their problems with experienced psychiatrists. The hotline became "red" after the first episode of the series, where we showed the phone # of the hotline.
Logo design is based on the main symbol of series. It has several meanings – completing a task in a game, notching a player`s body, a flying bird. Logo designers: Illya Halushko, Lilia Sabitova. 

PromaxBDA Europe 2020 — Gold Winner [Programme Specific Logo]
PromaxBDA Europe 2020 — Finalist [Social Responsibility Announcement Spot]
PromaxBDA Global Excellence 2020 — Finalist [Typography]

The Very Best Of — C-7 TV Project — Typography
Best Of — C-6 TV Program — Logo
Best Of — C-13 TV Program/Film Promo — Promo Spot: Motion Graphics
Best Of — C-14 TV Program/Film Promo — Open Titles
Best Of — C-16 TV Program/Film Promo — Miscellaneous Design
Best Of — C-20 Motion Graphics — Title Design of Film/Series


Designers: Andriy Naumenko, Ilya Halushko, Tatiana Hosteva-Hovorova, Lilia Sabitova
Direction: Oleksii Ihnatiev, Evgeniy Krasulya, Valeriya Kovalenko
Editors: Evgeniy Krasulya, Andriy Naumenko
Calligraphy (tattoo): Victoria and Vitalina Lopukhiny
VFX Compositing: Dmytro Didenko
Cameraman: Dmytro Peretrutov
Music: Dakooka
Digital: Ksenia Kasatkina
Promo Director: Yurii Bondar
Promo Producer: Olga Shpachuk
Marketing Director: Olga Balaban
Art Direction: Oleksandr Antonov, Zakentiy Gorobyov
Producer Design Bureau: Natalia Bovshyk
Creative Directors: Oleksandr Antonov, Oleksii Riepik
Head of Design: Oleksii Riepik
Head of Marketing: Olena Martynova
Script, Series Producer: Eugene Tunik
General Producer: Oleksii Hladushevskiy
Early Birds. Main Titles / Social / Logo Case

Early Birds. Main Titles / Social / Logo Case