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Pencil Affinity Designer Brushes
Pencil Affinity Designer Brushes
The time has come to release another collection of digital graphite pencils you'll never want to give up using! Pixel and vector 50 Affinity Designer brushes were prepared to tame the new ideas from the brightest minds. Don't stay aside, come and experience the feeling of absolute creative freedom!

It's weird how the strokes came out to be so realistic: sometimes if you're carried away in your thoughts while drawing, you can forget about doing it all in a digital form. Change the graphite grading scales from hard to soft, shift the styles between sketching or stippling and see what each brush can do with your illustration. Spoiler: nothing less than magnificent will turn out!
50 pencil Affinity brushes (pixel & vector versions);
sketch & stippling-ready strokes;
hard & soft pencils;
help file.

Pencil Affinity Designer Brushes