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3D Scanner Startup Website Redesign
I was the lead UX/UI Designer

Project goal
Scoobe3D is a start-up that develops an innovative solution in the 3D Scanning field, but despite having a truly innovative product its website is not capturing the expected customers and contacts. In such a competitive sector, this problem is not only affecting the website itself but making the efforts of the marketing departments and SEO positioning actions unproductive.

We made a complete redesign of the website, establishing new visual criteria and focusing on providing solutions to users that would help them understand and evaluate Scoobe3D products and services, in this way we managed to improve both the aesthetic part and the user experience offered. These changes positively affected the perception and experience of visitors, which resulted in an improvement in customer acquisition and other key indicators. I led the project as a UX/UI Designer and I've been present in all phases of it, working closely with the Scoobe3D team.
UX research techniques applied:
- User Journey mapping
- Thematic analysis
- Site mapping priorization
- Impact/Effort Scale
- How Might We Workshop
- Heatmap and video tracking analysis
- User Testing prototype (2 sprints of 5 users)
3D Scanner Startup Website Redesign

3D Scanner Startup Website Redesign