Graphic Design Trends 2021

Graphic Design Trends 2021

The graphic design trends for 2021 are rich and varied, adapting to technology and societal changes quicker and better than ever before. Cutting edge web design is creating a ripple effect in all areas of design. We are seeing both trends towards depth and realty but also fun and simplicity and an interesting rise in cool chaotic, illusion design. Be inspired in 2021.
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3D Design
2021 will be the year of 3D in all kinds of ways. Combining 3D objects with photo images, illustrations and 2D designs. Adding depth and a touch of reality with innovative, imaginative techniques. 

Emoji Design
2021, time to show your emotional side with the rise of custom emojis. Fun and playful emojis for all occasions from animated websites to store fronts. Grabbing attention and raising a smile. 

Nature-Inspired Design
Nature inspired motifs - leaves, trees and flowers, natural color palette. These calm, beautiful, sensitive designs are pushing into 2021 to remind you what you are missing when you are forced to stay home. 

Optical Illusion Design
Break through the boundaries with optical illusion design in 2021. Coming out of nowhere this uber-trendy style will blow you away as well as hypnotically pull you in. 

3D Typography Design
3D typography is going to be big, big, big in 2021. Jumping out of the page and very definitely taking the front seat. Tangible typography that takes no prisoners is the way forward. 

Cartoon Illustrations
Cartoon illustrations keep hitting the trends charts and why not?  Massively flexible, multiuse, multipurpose and wildly stylish, what’s not to like? Custom cartoon illustrations work for everyday in every possible way. 

Gold Design
Gold – 3D, highlights, textures, scratched, shiny, metallic –you name it, in 2021 it will be used. Oozing luxury and quality, Gold has that star presence that never ever fails. 

Voxel Art
Simple blocks formed together to create something much, much bigger. A sum of all the parts, it’s a combination of retro look and video game and it’s ultimately awe inspiringly cool. 

Monochrome & Duotone
Simple palette, simple design but super strong presence. Creative and confident, drawing a line in the sand for 2021. Choose the tones that represent what you stand for. 

Geometric Shapes
Take the simplest forms, add a touch of imaginative flair and get creative genius. 2021 takes us back to basics but all the time moving forward with these stunning designs. 3D geometric block shapes building layer upon layer and pulling you deeper and deeper in.

2021 will also see the use of even more simple flat blocks, strong solid shapes and colors with a nod to the 70s and 80s.

Typography Chaos
As if there wasn’t already enough chaos floating around your world, sit back and enjoy. Chaos design will take 2021 by storm. The only rules are the ones that are to be broken, any way you choose. 

Color...less Design
In 2021’s search for simplicity, calm and solid ground, let’s let the color seep out of design. Take back control, hide behind nothing and stride forth with these this no-nonsense approach. 

These top graphic design trends for 2021 will certainly get you talking, give you the spark to compete and inspiration to go with or push against the flow. 
More competition leads to more creativity and 2021 will see designers not just pushing boundaries but breaking them down and getting deeper and wilder, so let's go forward into a strange new world.​​​​​​​

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