TANGO DONA KV concepts
Tango Dona was a new product in Tango's Portfolio, recently launched to the national market. We needed to create some way to communicate it's coolness and good taste in some friendly and funny way.
We developed a character that can make some noise. A Dj to make the new product of Tango portfolio, sound more attractive.
My first sketch of the new Tango Dj Character.
First concept coloured.
But the client wasn't happy with that. They wanted something new and more friendly character. 
So, I began to work in new sketches, keeping the idea of music and happiness. The new Dj must have a lot of music references and rythm.
The client chose the Turtle, musician character.
Then I made the pose sheet of my concept character.
Below: The New DJ character in it's final pose.
The first Coloured KV.
But, the client wasn`t happy enough with the teeth and the head of my first sketch. They wanted the charcater to look more attractive and friendly.
I tried getting rid of the teeth and putting on him a cap, and it worked!
In the end, the client wanted to change the colors of the clothes of the character, to be closer from the original product package. It was a good move.
All the changes were made, but, unfortunately, this character never saw the light. In the end, the hole character Idea was rejected. I always liked this character and, that's why I made a post of it. I hope you enjoyed it.