Assess the ways in which type impacts on visual communication through historical and contemporary research.


Select, design and produce an inspirational typographic quote that will appear on a wall in the area of the new Bowden development. The purpose for the quote to not only to creatively decorate the urban environment while all the development is happening but also to inspire, encourage and create a sense of peace, love and happiness in the area.

The theme of your quote on one of the five themes that the Bowden development is based on.
Circles - Friendship Circles
Light - Colonel Light
Power - Creative Energy
Earth - From the earth
Place - Make you feel alive
"Choose the world you see" resembles 'light' 'power' and 'place' through the modern approach of personalised handwriting developed into an 80's style neon sign that connects historic and contemporary typography. Variations of colour are shown to express the types of applications and audiences it can relate with.