Was invited to a photo shoot of a couple and their 5 dogs in March. Exciting moment and getting
every touching shot as possible.This shot I loved so much!! But as you can see in the background,
there is another dog. The shot was impromptu thus I had to be quick.
As you can see in the below shot I edited out of the dog in the background by masking the background and cleaning the surrounding area. Also added a touch of b/w treatment.
Before and after of the post production and retouching from a photo shoot in MIami.
As you can see the strap on the model's outfit was sticking up, thus her bra is showing.
I wanted to send the photo to the model so I decided to neaten up her outfit by
fixing the strap and ridding of the bra.
Volunteering at this local Greyhound rescue has given me the
opportunity to take photos of dogs up for adoption.
Here is a photo I took of one of the greyhounds (who's now has a home),
a before shot and after post-processing.
Before and after shot of the inside of a yacht from a local boat show Miami Beach.
Did some more practicing with retouching and editing, getting rid of some elements in the photo.
Before shot of flamingo at Flamingo Gardens in Davie, Florida, USA.
I caught this shot during the breeding season where all the birds where in their breeding modes.
Because they were moving so fast I had to keep shooting away. Once I got home I saw the result of this shot.

You always have to watch your surroundings when you photograph anything but with this one I didn't pay attention to the rock behind the female. So thus the editing begins.
After the retouching, I have removed the rock in the background and a couple of
other details as well adjusting the colors, levels, etc.