MD Theatre Collective
MD Theatre Collective
Classical Theatre for the Modern Stage
“Exciting…daring…defiant” – Jo Ledingham, The Courier
MD Theatre Collective (formerly Mad Duck) is a unique artist driven and self-produced Collective of professional theatre performers, designers, technicians and administrators.  Operating on an adhoc basis, MD is dedicated to bringing the best of the indie innovation and the alternative staging to classical works while providing unconventional roles for women, color blind casting, mentorship and showcasing emerging talent.
Productions include the Vancouver premiere’s of Shakespeare’s R&J and Titus Andronicus, Vancouver’s first female Prospero in The Tempest, and the critical and popular successes Julius Caesar and Coriolanus.
MD Theatre Collective has been nominated for 11 Jessie Richardson Awards including design, performance and direction, Xtra West’s Live Performance of the Year, and is the recipient of two of Jerry Wasserman’s Play of the Month Awards.
“…exciting…bold…evendefiant production…”
Jo Ledingham, The Courier
“Coriolanus:Bloody. Thought-provoking. Shakespeare…superb…vividly accessible..”
Rachel Scott, Plank Magazine
“If you’rea Shakespeare fan, be sure to catch this show.”
Jerry Wasserman, The Province
“JackPaterson, one of Vancouver’s most interesting Shakespearean directors,interprets this rarely produced script.”
Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight
By WilliamShakespeare
Directedand Adapted by Jack Paterson
JessieRichardson Award Nominations:
OutstandingSound Design – Jeff Tymoschuk and Corina Akeson
Featuring:Ian Butcher as Coriolanus*, Kristina Agosti*, Corina Akeson*, Chris Cochrane*,Anna Cummer*, Josh Drebit*, Evan Frayne, Keith Martin Gordey*, Adam Henderson*,Paul Herbert*, Anthony F. Ingram*, Sebastian Kroon*, Ashley Liu*, UnaMemisevic*, Christina Schild*, Cailin Stadnyk*, Troy Anthony Young and GwynythWalsh* as Volumnia
SetDesign: Al Frisk
CostumeDesign: Moira Fentum
FightChoreography: Braun Mcash*
SoundDesign & Composition:  Jeff Tymoschuk& Corina Akeson
LightDesign: James Foy
AssistantLighting Design: Ian Schimpf
PropDesign: Julia Henderson
StageManager: Susan Currie
AssistantStage Managers: Chelsea Cameron & Alex Danard
AssistantDirector: Quinn Harris
Publicist:Andrew Templeton

*members of CAEA or UBCP
“…superb…utterly compelling…amazing ensemble…Shakespeare’s R&J truly soars with loves light wings.”
Peter Birnie,Vancouver Sun
“No frills, all the thrills… it's like knowing the play forthe first time…This is the magic of theatre.”
Jerry Wasserman, The Province
“This may be the sweetest Juliet I have ever seen…Neverhave the sonnets resonated so beautifully…Paterson’s direction is sharp andtight making this production as moving as any Romeo and Juliet I’ve seen.”
JoLedingham, The Courier

The Vancouver Premiere of
Based on the play by William Shakespeare
Adapted by Joe Calarco
Directed by Jack Paterson
The Vancouver Courier:
 Top TheatreProductions of 2006
 Play of the Month
Jessie Richardson Award Nominations:
Outstanding Performance by a Supporting Actor – JoshDrebit
Outstanding Direction – Jack Paterson
Jason Emanuel*as Student 1 (Romeo, etc.)
Daryl King as Student 2 (Juliet, Benvolio, Friar John,etc.)
Omari Newton * as Student 3 (Mercutio, Lady Capulet,Friar Laurence, etc.)
Josh Drebit* as Student 4 (Tybalt, Nurse, Balthazar,etc.)
Stage Management by Susan Currie
Set Design by Al Frisk
Costume Design by Moira Fentum
Lighting, Design by Darren Boquist
* Members of Canadian Actor’s Equity Association orU.B.C.P.

“You shouldn’t miss seeing this play…powerful,gripping..terrific performances.”
Jerry Wasserman, The Province

“Director Jack Paterson makes the play’s relevanceinarguable…a deeply satisfying work…one of the best shows in a strong season..”
Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight 

“...Innovative staging…superior performances…a Shakespearenot to be missed.”
Melissa Poll, Vancouver Sun

The Vancouver Premiere of

By William Shakespeare
 Directed and Adapted by Jack Paterson

Vancouver Courier:
 Best Theatre of 2006
Best of Theatre of 2006
Play of the Month – March 2006

Jessie Richardson Award Nominations:
 5 Jessie Richarson Awards Nominations

Anna Cummer*, Eric Davis*, Josh Drebit, JasonEmanuel*, Craig Erickson*, Lesley Ewen*, Keith Martin Gordey* ,Doug Herbert,Paul Herbert*, Anthony F. Ingram*, Laura Jaszcz, Robin Mooney, Una Memisevic,David Purvis*, Teryl Rothery*, Christina Schild* and Mike Wasko*

Set Design: Al Frisk
Costume Design: Moira Fentum
Fight Choreography: Braun Mcash*
Sound Design& Composer: Jeff Tymoschuk
Light Design: Darren Boquist
Prop Design: Jenny Paterson
Stage Manager: Kirsti Mikoda
ASM: Mimi Abrahams
Assistant Director: Karen Hamm
Publicist: Andrew Templeton
”...a daring Shakespeare production… a play we’ve seenmany times – but never like this.”
Jo Ledingham, The Courier

“..a powerful immediacy…a refreshingly in-your-facetreatment of Julius Caesar”
Jerry Wasserman, Vancouver Province

“Julius Caesar was set in Washington, D.C. Pardon me? Howcould this work? As it turns out – brilliantly.”
Leanne Campbell, TheWestender

By William Shakespeare
Directed and Adapted by Jack Paterson

The Vancouver Courier:
Top Theatre Productions of 2005

Jessie Award Nominations 2004/2005:
Outstanding Performance by a Lead Actor – Craig Erickson(Antony)
Outstanding Direction – Jack Paterson

Featuring in speaking order:
Chris Britton*, Christina Schild*, CraigErickson*, Kevin Williamson*, Craig March*, Keith Martin Gordey*,
PaulHerbert*, Samantha Simmonds, Kate Braidsworth, Lucia Frangione*, Karen Rae*,Ian Farthing*,
Fabrice Grover*, Julia Henderson, Teryl Rothery*, Robin Mooneyand Jaime Ogden

Set Design by Al Frisk
Costume Design by Moira Fentum
Lighting, Design by Melissa Powel
Production Management by Sean Cummings
Stage Management by Connie Hosie*
Assistant Stage Management by Kirsti Mikoda

 * Members of Canadian Actor’s Equity Association orU.B.C.P.
“…I’ve never seen The Tempest like this before and Ifound it a revelation…feels utterly new, yet true to the text…I was particularlymoved by Walsh’s reading …”
Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight

“…full of wonder and magic…the director’s innovative useof women in traditionally male roles made for a sparkling performance andproduced some very fine acting indeed.”
Lois Carter,

”Gwynyth Walsh isthe best Prospero I’ve Seen!”
Neil Freeman, Editor, Applause ShakespeareFirst Folio Texts

by William Shakespeare
Directed and Adapted by Jack Paterson

Jessie Richards Award Nomination:
 Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Lead role-Gwynyth Walsh (Prospero)

 Anna Cummer*, Keith Martin Gordey*, Paul Herbert*, CaroleHiggins*, Pam Hyatt*, Laura Jaszcz, Ntsike Kheswa, Ian Alexander Martin,Jennifer Paterson*, Jon Patterson*, John Prowse, David Purvis*, BertSteinmanis*, Terri Anne Wilson and Gwynyth Walsh* as Prospero

Stage Managed by Kirsti Mikoda
Set Design by Al Frisk
Lighting Design by Erin Nelligan
Choreography by Julia Henderson
Costume Deseign by Moira Fentum
Production Managed by Sean Cummings
Stage Management by Kirsti Mikoda

* Members of Canadian Actor’s Equity Association orU.B.C.P.*
MD Theatre Collective