48 Hour Blitz with John Bielenberg
Over 35 University of Kansas students in Architecture and Design participated in a 48 Hour Blitz with John Bielenberg. The students worked together in cross-disciplinary groups, giving up part of their first weekend back to school, sleep and egos. They were encouraged to get out in the community, talk to people, "Think Wrong" and come up with ideas that address the subject of Water. The students had less than 2 days to produce a 48 second video. The only criteria: "Make it legendary!"

A Blitz is set in an intensive, chaotic, energizing, workshop environment for prototyping, researching, doing, designing, and exploring that, while thinking wrong, produces a project or service that uses design thinking for the greater good.
About John Bielenberg: Designer, entrepreneur and imaginative advocate for a better world, John Bielenberg was recently awarded the AIGA Metal recognized for innovative investigations into the practice and understanding of design and leadership in the “design for good” movement. John has been running Blitz projects around the world with companies, non-profits and schools futurepartners.is. This is the second 48 Hour Blitz at KU and we THANK John for helping us with Being Bold, Getting Out, Thinking Wrong, Making Stuff, Betting Small, and Moving Fast!
9:00am: Be Bold. Students were given the topic of Water and divided randomly into 5 groups
10:00am: Get out. Talk to 10 people in 10 different places and collect 10 different stories.
1:00pm: Share stories
3:00pm: Brainstorming. Thinking Wrong
5:30pm: Present the Big Idea and the Small Bet
10:30am: Check-in
2:00pm: Preview of what groups are doing
5:00pm: Final Video presentations!
Infinite (Mine Ice from Space)
Alex Anderson, Visual Communication Design
David Blizzard, Industrial Design
Breanne Fencl, Visual Communication Design
Khanh Le, Architecture
Cody Lynn, Industrial Design
Leslie Montes, Industrial Design
Claire Pedersen, Visual Communication Design
Kun Zhou, Industrial Design
A World without Water
Damon Baltuska, Architecture
Jordan Key, Visual Communication Design
Caitlin O’Connor, Industrial Design
Michael Shackelford, Industrial Design
Anthony Schmiedeler, Visual Communication Design
Voranouth Supadulya, Visual Communication Design
Jessica Tungesvik, Industrial Design
series of 3 videos.
Water Worth (water as currency)
kent diasabeygunawardena, industrial design
ali fisher, visual communication design
sarah jones, architecture
joe ralston, industrial design
john reynolds, visual communication design
rachel roth, visual communication design
jiayu ma, architecture
keene niemack, visual communication design
bailey wells, visual communication design
It is all the Same (itsallthesamewater.tumblr.com)
Heather Boone,Visual Communication Design
Kacie Eberhart,Visual Communication Design
Caleb Newberg,Visual Communication Design
Nicholas Ostmeyer, Industrial Design
Kristen Watson, Photo Media
Alex Wolfrum, Architecture
Stop the Abuse
Ashley Claussen, Architecture
Jerry Gabrie, Industrial Design
Emily Grigone,Visual Communication Design
Colleen Ireland,Visual Communication Design
Taylor Stelter, Industrial Design
48 Hour Blitz with John Bielenberg

48 Hour Blitz with John Bielenberg

Over 35 University of Kansas students in Architecture and Design participated in a 48 Blitz with John Bielenberg.