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Swink Project | Poster Exhibition

Τhe Swink Project
Swink is a design project exhibition combined from the words swing & ink. The idea came up by two designers -Vassia Kalozoumi & Andreas Xenoulis- while thinking about organising a project that would combine design & music together and would let designers express themselves reflecting the swing atmosphere with a unique poster. Twenty nine greek designers participated in the project by creating each one a poster synthesis. The poster exhibition was held on May 20, 2013 in Athens along with silkscreen tattoo printing by "Tind Silkscreen", video art, live performance by "Belleville" band and many more surprises. Hope you'll enjoy the project!
Moderators: Vassia Kalozoumi, Corn Studio
Anna Trympali, Corn Studio, Daphne Giannakou, Dimitra Karagianni, Dimitris Anapliotis, Ioannis Markakis, Joanna Jelly, Junkart, Kuk Graphicsi, La Tigre Design [Christina Pasiou], Lefteris Aapostolopoulos, Maria Kozari Mela, Marinanna Mantikou, Nearchos Ntaskas [Polkadot Design], Parisko, Reach People, Sale Designers, Seaman, SHK Crew, Sophia Georgopoulou, Stefanos Michelides, Sugahtank [John Roubanis], Tassos Papaioannou, Thanos Gionis, Tind, Tommaso Taraschi [Tato], Vassia Kalozoumi, Yannis Fetanis, Dimitris Sxoinarakis / Stefania Vryoni.
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Animated Promo Video
Video (Opening party)
Event Poster
Nearchos Ntaskas (Polkadot)
Dimitris Sxoinarakis, Stefania Vrioni
Corn Studio (Andreas Xenoulis, Dimos Stathis)
Lefteris Apostolopoulos
Thank you
Belleville Band for the amazing live performance
Nikolas Stavrianoudakis for the excellent sound
Tind Silkscreen for the amazing tattoo silkscreens
Cynthia Costaki for the photoshooting
Konstantinos Killaris & Constantinos Papanestis for the animated promo video
Ilias Stathis & Skatz Productions for the perfect film
Constantinos Spetsiotis for the teaser video
Michael Dialynas for the amazing tattoo designs
Sergio Kotsovopoulos for the shots taken
Pixel Brothers for printing our posters
Jimbo Sergiou for the swing hairstyles
Stelios Nikakis for the speakage
Everyone who participated in our project
Everyone who came at the event
Lifo Press, Pepper 96.6 Fm, En Leuko Fm, Athina 98.4 Fm, Metropolis Press,,,,,,, Lykos Magazine,,,,,
Swink Project | Poster Exhibition

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Swink Project | Poster Exhibition

Swink. From the words swing & ink. Swink is a design project which combines swing dance with ink. The idea came up by Vassia Kalozoumi and Andrea Read More