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During the logic succession of actions that create a communicatively efficient Visual Identity, the deepening of the Lab’s approach to the different tools is fundamental. Each tool requires the capacity of balancing esthetic taste and symbolic interpretation, in order to offer users the possibility of intuitively decoding the messages. In this way the selected colors gain a synesthetic value, as well as the font with its measures and shapes that enhance its Lettering.
The study of the Brand’s values and the identification of the Visual goals are the starting point of the work and require an in-depth analysis. Bringing the previous analyses into practice, the project of visual design starts. It ends with the creation of the first Visual addresses.

Once the chromatic harmony and a certain style (capable of expressing coherent messages) are found, the graphic product is adapted for each communication channel.

Shared goals, complementary skills.

Our model includes the LAB's direct participation in the communication process.
Each department works independently, it’s LiveMeFive that coordinates the creative activity, planning the stages of work and working transversally with the departments.
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The model according to which our Visual Design LAB organizes the suppling of its service, is adapted to different professional spheres. The flexible approach assures the same level of performance in different operative areas.

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