Design360°Magazine No.89 Typeface Experiment


No. 89  Type Experiment 字體實驗

Text is a unique part of graphic design. It covers all visual related content like brand logos, product packaging, event posters, etc. However, designers’ desire to explore the possibilities of typefaces are not easily satisfied by merely catering to the needs of the clients. During work and daily life, more and more designers are collecting their “funny” ideas as inspiration, with which they will then find proper time to experiment, using open and various design thinking.

In these typeface experiments and activities, typeface has surpassed its original definition. Stepping out of its job to accurately convey information, it has become a way for graphic designers to observe and think. While these type forms and discoveries may yet to be put into actual use, the results of these attempts may inspire the birth of other experiments, and thus further broaden the definition of graphic design. Meanwhile, when designers extract certain content from experiments and gradually form a systematic logic, they will become a direct and powerful “weapon” for self-enhancement. As for what a typeface design experiment should be made of, there is no authoritative explanation or accurate answer. However, with the growing of the industry and more and more designers start to involve in the delicate art of “experiment”, its boundaries will be constantly reinterpreted. Experiments in this sense may also provide designers and readers with a new way to interpret things.



Inspiration Capture

Images form Ho Ting-An, Mingoo Yoon, Tien-Min Liao, Kota Iguchi, Nikita Iziev
圖片來自何庭安、Mingoo Yoon、廖恬敏、井口皓太、Nikita Iziev​​​​​​​

90°Asian Design 亞洲設計Turkey 土耳其​​​​​​​
- Volkan Ölmez    
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180°Feature 專題Typeface Experiment 字體實驗

# Type Exploration 字遊探索
- Nikita Iziev     
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# Type On Site 字在現場
- Typojanchi    
   - Jin & Park   
- Typomania    
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225°Flicker 發現Visual Markers for Fashion 時尚視覺製造者

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270°Creative China創意中國ziinlife & Fnji 吱音 & 梵几

360°Exchange 交流

> Study Abroad for Design 設計留學
- Lyu Shuyang (呂舒陽)
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Publication Info

Chief Editor & Design Director: Joshua Wang
主編及設計總監:Joshua Wang
Associate Chief Editor: Hyde Ou
Editorial Consultants: Xiao Yong / Chen Nan / Jiang Hua / Hei Yiyang
編輯顧問:肖勇 / 陳楠 / 蔣華 / 黑一烊
Design Assistants: Nan / Human Mar / Chuck Wang
設計助理:董南逸 / 麥曉雯 / 王超賢
Coordinator & Flowcharting: Yuer Bi
Editors: Lauren Luo / Yuer Bi / Yuqing Guan / Naomi Chen (Intern)
編輯:羅咏詩 / 畢玉兒 / 關雨晴 / 陳欣琪(實習)


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Design360°Magazine No.89 Typeface Experiment

Design360°Magazine No.89 Typeface Experiment

Text is a unique part of graphic design. It covers all visual related content like brand logos, product packaging, event posters, etc. However, d Read More