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[E] What began as a typographic experiment ended up as my first commercial font. Available at Rosetta Type. Finally the cyrillic is completed too. Here you have an overview of the project. If you bought it and you have done something with it, send it to me! I would love to see it.

[Ñ]Una de las grandes que tuve durante el proceso fue la música de RATM. Una vez terminada, resulta que funciona muy bien para ilustrar mensajes de protesta o revolucionarios 
[E] One of the main influences I had during the design stage was the music of RATM. When it was finished I found out that it works very well to illustrate their lyrics or protest messages
Breve pero intensa/Brief but intense
[Ñ] Sutturah está concebida para su uso a gran tamaño 
[E] Sutturah is conceived to be used at big sizes
Ilustración con tipografía/Illustrate with type
[Ñ] En ilustración es donde Sutturah explota todas sus cualidades 
[E] It is in illustration where Sutturah uses all its potential
[Ñ] Puede parecer curioso pero originalmente no pretendía que Sutturah tuviera formas muy particulares sino que creara una textura particular. Las curvas tan curiosas son una consecuencia posterior
[E] Originally I didn t intend to give weird shapes to Sutturah. I was experimenting with a weird texture effect. The particular shapes are a later consecuence
[Ñ] Una de las claves del proyecto es el ritmo de las letras, muy contundente y regular 
[E] One of the keys of the project is the pace, very strong and continous
¡Habla en ruso también!/It speaks in russian too!
[Ñ] Sutturah también en cirílico 
[E] Sutturah in cyrillic
[Ñ] Uno de los grandes retos fue conseguir que la textura en la versión en cirílico fuera similar al latin 
[E] One of the biggest challenges was to get the same texture in the cyrillic as in the latin
[Ñ] Sutturah es una fuente con unas especificaciones formales tan concretas que adaptarlas a otro alfabeto fue todo un reto 
[E] Sutturah has such a specific shapes that bring them to another script was a huge challenge
Excellence in Type Design of the Type Directors Club in New York

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