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the MOON modular-cabinet

modular cabinet

The MOON cabinet. It's a solid wood modular furniture design. Our inspiration is from deconstructing the traditional wooden cabinet and immovable system furniture, then we got the purely 3 essentials elements(drawers, open space storage, and storage with doors) to satisfy various needs. And we made the structures can bear the human weigh as well. Therefore, customers can assemble the MOON to become many different combinations or just use one of the cabinets in varied scenarios. the MOON can uniquely and flexibly fit in different spaces and needs, and satisfy that Taiwan's house space has become smaller and varied.

Compare to the traditional cabinet, the Moon can be freely assembled with various ways to fit in Taiwan's compact house and satisfy various essentials effectively. At the same time, they will feel the wooden texture and warm living style that backs to our life via a new design logic of solid wood modular furniture design

However, we also want to take responsibility for the environment. The MOON cabinet can be like a customized product but also it's able to be mass-produced to be sold at affordable prices. we are not just trying to satisfy the various needs of the modern house space, and people may stop over-consumption. They will buy what they really need naturally because of the modular design. And, the MOON can replace some typical fixing system furniture to avoid waste. Can be easier to use in more different spaces, and bring to another house when they move out.

Eventually, the MOON cabinet makes the methods of storage to be more creative and effective. And extend the charm of solid wood to more scales. Creating more fun, comfort, and convenient life experience!

UWOOD     client
 2020        year

the MOON modular-cabinet


the MOON modular-cabinet

It’s a solid wood modular furniture design. We got the 3 elements from deconstructing traditional wooden cabinets and immovable system furniture. Read More