Project: To design and develop an innovative packaging and presentation for Stonex India to showcase over 250 products easily, categorically and obviously, beautifully.
Solution Provided:
Showcasing more than 250 products through a printed catalogue would have been too tedious and expensive a solution. The best way out was to present the products in an interactive manner. A Flash presentation CD with XML galleries was suggested and agreed upon.
The CD had to be very innovatively packaged to catch the eye of our target clients. Design Karkhana did a photo shoot on location to enhance the visual library of the company. This also allowed us to create an exquisite packaging with a fresh design sensibility for the client.
The final product was an elegantly packaged CD with a booklet about the company, its history, vision. Within the CD was an interactive Flash presentation with details of over 250 products, company details, clients, contacts and the official company video.
1.     Photo shoot to enhance value of the final product.
2.     New tri-fold packaging with Abrasive UV printing technique
3.     Flash presentation is detailed yet easy to use
4.     Use of Flash AS3, XML Galleries allows easy modifications when required