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Hitout Heroes - Game Trailer
Hitout Heroes is a smart-phone game which is a crossover between cricket and baseball.
It has multiple levels and customizable characters with loads of in-store items and upgrade of stats. The game has multiple modes and multi-player capabilities with offline challenges and social integration.
The game is unique for its Indian flavor & characters.
Done as a part of my Internship at Disney UTV Indiagames Ltd.
During the first two months I learnt 3DS Max and worked on a few game animations, And in the last month I was given full responsility to design a game trailer for the same [which includes Concept, Storyboarding, Direction, Animation, FX, Lighting, Rendering & Editing].
Guide: Martin Thomas
Producer: Manav Arya
Music & Sound Design: Rahul Singh & Eric Dillen (Orange Byte Studios)
Made Using 3DS Max, Photoshop, After Effects.
Final Stills:
Download Hitout Heroes for FREE :
Google Play: http://bit.ly/HitoutHeroes
App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/hitout-heroes/id651977228
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Hitout Heroes and related characters are trademark and copyrights of Indiagames Limited 
Hitout Heroes - Game Trailer

Hitout Heroes - Game Trailer

Trailer & storyboard created to advertising the arcade mobile game 'Hitout Heroes'.