Playboy Bunny Bootcamp

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  • Playboy Bunny Bootcamp
    Branding, Design Direction & Digital Design for a new gym class from Playboy
  • Playboy have a launched a brand new gym class called 'Bunny Bootcamp'. The project incuded creating a sub brand, art direction of the visual style, various marketing materials, print and digital advertising and a range of websites. This is an ongoing project and will be updated along the way.
    - The main website is fully responsive and can be found here -!home
    - The Bunny Measurement Index website can be found here -
    - Playboy Bunny Bootcamp film can be found here -
    Managing Director:
    Ben Gallop
    Design Director:
    Rob Pratt
    Digital Director:
    Tim Pelling
    Graphic Designer:
    James Dutalis
    Video Production:
    Sam Evenden
    Nick Wood
    Sound Design & Music:
    Joel Evenden