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Rocket Motion explainer video

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How it Works

Here we briefly would like to show the process of creating the video. 

1. Gathering information

1.1 Get contact (Skype call, Email)
1.2 We collect the information about your company and your target audience
1.3 We take your wishes about the style, and agree on budget
1.4 Sign a contract

2. Creating

2.1 Writing a script (storyboarding)
2.2 Record a voiceover
2.3 Create a "draft" animation
2.4 Add sounds
2.5 Add fixes to animation ( if needed)

3. Launching

3.1 You get the finished video
3.2 You enjoy the new video you get :)
3.3 We help with promotion (if needed)
Also you can see it here -
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Rocket Motion explainer video

Rocket Motion explainer video