, 2012
Logomark, Branding, & Site Design. Team Concentric's website for our Capstone project  with Carnegie Mellon University in collaboration with Panasonic R&D.

The CDME is a robust global research and marketing strategy hub from award-winning e-marketing firm, e-Dialog. Visitors can register to download reports, read blogposts, comment and discuss.

Operations Central, 2011
: e-Dialog Engineering  |  : e-Dialog

Operations Central is a centralized operational tool for internal e-Dialog staff to better monitor, configure and manage data and performance, increase efficiency, and support customer satisfaction.
e-Dialog Corporate Site, 2011
Site Design. e-Dialog is a growing digital marketing agency based in the Boston metro west where I spent three years developing my professional career as a creative designer and marketing specialist. The corporate website redesign was a key milestone of an extensive rebranding effort in early 2011 that implemented dynamic content, social media integration, emphasized globalization and client relationships.

Ground Zero, 2008

Zero is a student-run, not-for-profit performing arts venue at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. As Public Relations Director, in addition to weekly production of advertising collateral and e-mail and social media promotion, I also redesigned and help manage the organization's website.