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    Behind Glass - The Antisocial Truth of Social Tech An opinion piece on Google Glass.
The Antisocial Truth of Social Tech
Opinion piece on Google Glass
In collaboration with Monica Lo
Excerpt from the essay by Megan Nuttall
"Try to wear Glass throughout your day and it becomes apparent that there is no hope of winning the battle against compulsive email/text/Facebook checking. All social updates are instantly thrown in your face, taking the meaning of “always on” to a new level.  But, by being “always on,” we are forced to turn something off – human interaction. Conversations with friends get put on the backburner as tweets from @KatyPerry (or the like) get pushed to the screen in your eye. Family outings get put on pause as you check to see how many “friends” have liked your post about family time. No matter where you are, what you’re doing, real life is put on hold when Glass has something it wants you to see."
Read the article here: trapped-behind-glass.tumblr.com/
high res series and moving image here: www.romain-laurent.com